Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food Processor

Many of the recipes I’ve been seeing on my obsession ( have recommended using a food processor (which I don’t have). Back in the day, when Bob and I got married, my mom gave me an Oster mixer that had all these cool attachments like a food processor, food grinder, blender, etc. It was great, but I didn’t really appreciate having them as I’m not a huge fan of cooking. And, eventually, the whole thing died a major death. Since then, I’ve gotten by with just a little hand mixer or two or three and good old arm action for chopping.

I was making Chees-Its, and plan on trying them again as they need a little tweaking, and decided that today was the day (this and after chopping onions the other day convinced me as well) to go out and buy a food processor. I took some of my “reinventing myself” cash and did it. I’m excited to try it in the next day or two. I’m also convinced that it will make my new cooking experiences much more enjoyable.

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