Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healthfood Stores - Non-Existent in Northern Utah?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find organic and natural foods in our area without much success. There is a Whole Foods in Salt Lake, and it’s huge, but who wants to drive all the way down there to buy a few groceries? Not me. WalMart has a few things, Harmon’s has a good selection of organic produce. There is a Good Earth on Riverdale Rd., but it’s kind of small (and mostly prepackaged stuff).  Costco has organic eggs for much cheaper than anywhere else. I looked up several health-food stores online and took some time checking them out and they no longer exist. This is another reason why we’re not going gang-busters with this whole eating better thing. Some things are just not available in our area. I’m looking forward to buying from farmer’s markets this summer.

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  1. How close is the nearest "Sunflower Market"? I really like them. They have great produce, tons of healthy food, and they are reasonably priced. Most of all, they are small enough I do not feel intimidated and/or overwhelmed when I go there.